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  • Tadal says:
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  • Voodoogal says:
    1-he EMDECOsystem premits making timc lapse photomicrographs of the high-est quality at any exposure timc from 1/ to 15 seconds at any exposure interval from to 60 seconds. It may also be set to operate at the standard camera speeds of 1. 2, 4, 8, or 16 frames per minuLte. The system is designed to operate with any one of four 16 mm motion.
  • Kazrarn says:
    1) Expressibility and analyzability of the specification. a) The MoC of the behavioral model. As, in general, expressibility can be traded against analyzability, the MoC has a huge influence on the automation capabil- ities of a synthesis tool. b) The MoA of the platform model given in the con- straints.

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